Acerca del puerto

The Port of Dos Bocas has comparative and competitive advantages to carry out a wide range of oil related Industry, due to its nearness with the main hydrocarbons deep and shallow water exploration and production areas within the Gulf of Mexico.

The Port of Dos Bocas calls an average of 6,000 ships off all types handling 1 million tons of cargo per year.

The infrastructure and port facilities are complement by a poll of more than 45 specialized services vendors and a business focused Port Administration, supporting the operations development and generating opportunities to manage oil industry integral projects such as: oil rigs repair and maintenance, oil wells stimulation and drilling fluids supplies and heavy lift cargo.

Acerca del puerto

The Oil Related Industrial Park is located within the Dos Bocas harbor enclosure on a 173 acres surface, ideal for the development and support of industrial activities in the Gulf of Mexico, at short distances from the main consumption and production centers and the major logistic, industrial and commercial activities area of the region.

Business Opportunities

  • Custom Bonded Area.
  • Logistic services to dry and reefer cargo.
  • Manufacture Plants.
  • Pipeline, general cargo and fluids storage areas.
  • Bulk mineral cargo storage.
  • Metallurgical industry.
  • Light Industry.
  • Integrated Services to the oil related Industry.

Port activities

The Port of Dos Bocas developed infrastructure has allowed the growth of industrial and commercial cargo operations and also the establishment of new investment projects, generating great benefits to the region.


More than 90% of the freight movements of all types and sizes made from the Multipurpose Terminal of the Port of Dos Bocas are made via contracts or spot charters, accordingly with each company logistics supply chain and project needs.


The Port of Dos Bocas is located on the 18o 20' north latitude and 93o 11' west length coordinates, in the municipality of Paraiso, state of Tabasco, 50 miles away from the city of Villahermosa, which concentrates a wide range of specialized services and also commercial and industrial activities.

Influence area

The Port of Dos Bocas, has the ability to provide specialized port services through multipurpose infrastructure and diverse business lines that cover the requirements of each type of short, medium and long-term oil and industrial sector projects.